From a backyard workshop to the global player

Since the beginnings in a Swabian garage in the late 1990s, the eyevis GmbH has become one of the leading companies in the field of large-screen visualization and control. Already in the early years, rapid growth and numerous in-house developments characterized the steep rise of the company to become a worldwide provider of professional visualization solutions for control rooms, corporate spaces, TV studios and simulation applications. At the same time, of course, the space requirements grew, which finally led in 2009 to the relocation to today’s business location in Reutlingen near Stuttgart.

Moving times

Growing internationalization and increasing competition have made it increasingly difficult to compete with the “big ones” as an owner-managed medium-sized company. At the end of 2012, this resulted in the entry of a financial investor.

Leyard, Planar, eyevis – three strong brands, a corporate group

After some moving times, eyevis GmbH was acquired by the Leyard group of companies. Leyard, one of the leading manufacturers of LED technology for video wall applications, had already acquired the American visualization specialist Planar in 2014. With the purchase of eyevis GmbH in 2018, the Leyard Group grew to include another well-known manufacturer – not to mention the eyevis subsidiary Teracue, which as a manufacturer of IP streaming solutions plays a somewhat unique role in the group of companies.

Following the completion of the integration into the Leyard EMEA structures, the Reutlingen site is now the headquarters of the EMEA organization. The development and production in Reutlingen focuses on the eyevis products DLP-Cubes, video wall controller and software. In particular, the models of the Planar product series for the European market are produced in our own LCD display production. In addition to the administration, the more than 5,000 square meters of space also house sales, in particular for the DACH region, a customer service department and the central showroom of Leyard EMEA.

For the production of LED modules from the most popular product lines in Europe, Leyard Europe maintains a location in Presov, Slovakia. The plant in Presov was also Leyard’s first offshoot in Europe and therefore fulfills not only manufacturing but also administrative tasks within the organization. Other manufacturing facilities are of course also at the Chinese sites in Beijing and Shenzhen, as well as in the Beaverton in the northwest of the USA, the location of Leyard / Planar.

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